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Why is Nomenclature (Brand Naming) important?

Nomenclature is a term that applies to a list of names and the system of principles, procedures and phrases related to naming a particular object or property or, in this case, a brand.

Brand naming is critical and one of the longest-lasting assets of your business. Whether people see it on your website storefront, read it on your packaging or see it on their caller ID, your brand name makes a critical first impression.

So what makes a great brand name?
One that is distinctive, memorable, easy to pronounce, and emotionally appealing delivers on your brand strategy and brand promise.

Whats in a name

What’s makes a great brand name?

If you think you have a unique brand name, have you ever tried a simple google search?

You choose your perfect brand name, one that defines your core purpose and values while portraying the image you want to put forth, which may be the key to brand success. For instance, if your brand is a global brand, you can consider naming it something that would match the international standards and isn’t offensive or out of place in one country. Your brand name should be determined by the audience that you are targeting. For instance, keeping the name of a regional newspaper in the regional language speaks that this brand stands for this particular regional language and is mainly for the population speaking in this language. Your brand name should never confuse the target audience.

The things that manage to impress our brains stay in our heads while other things sweep off. Your brand name must not just be appealing but also interesting enough to remember. At the same time, make sure that you don’t make it tough to hear, understand or speak. It must be catchy and easy at the same time.

Your brand’s name is an integral asset to the organisation because consumers emotionally attach themselves to the brands through their name followed by the experience. Without a doubt, peak quality products/services make your consumer revisit you. Still, a solid and connectible brand name gives you an edge over your competitors in the market, making you choose them over every other brand you compete with.

Where do I start with brand naming?

Start building your naming strategy to reflect your brand strategy.
Your business name will be one of the most identifiable elements for the entire life of your brand. Creating the right name can be one of the most challenging brand activities to embark upon. It’s an emotional decision and one that will say a lot about who your brand is.

But keep in mind that your name is just one aspect of your communication. A winning name starts with a clearly defined brand strategy; without this, there is no framework for the name and no way to judge if the name is “right”. Don’t pressure yourself to communicate everything in the name. There are so many aspects of a good name. Remember it’s what you do with your name that will make it great.

There are really Nine mean types of brand type. Depending on the type of brand these

Playful names
Irreverent, Arbitrary, Oxymoron. Names that challenge the ordinary like (Yahoo / Monster / Guess?).

Origin-based names
Founder, Location, Cultural Bias. Names that pay tribute to the birth of the brand like (Ford / Hilton / Ikea).

Invented names
Completely made-up words like (Kodak / Viagra).

Descriptive names
Deliberately clear descriptions or attribute like (Volkswagon / Caterpillar / Holiday Inn).

Technical names
Names that blend a mix of modern words like (Panasonic, FujiXerox).

Conjoined names
Names that are a combination or connection of two or more words like (FedEx / Microsoft).

Acronym names
Names that started as a group of letters to become the common name like (BMW / IBM / BBC / UPS)

Metaphoric names
Names that borrow from stories, cultural icons, or other emotive forces like (Apple / Mustang / Virgin).

Random names
Completely random words that will be appropriate like (Old Navy).

What is the best method for brand naming?

As we’ve said, naming is an emotional exercise. Everyone involved will have their own opinion, so having a robust naming evaluation system is key.

Take the emotion out of choosing your brand's name

Take the emotion out of choosing your brand’s name

This is not a comparison exercise; all names can be strong and weak in various categories. But scoring names against a set of practical set of criteria can clearly highlight front-runners. Asking questions like:

1. Is your first impression of the name strong?
2. Does it sound/look good?
3. Is it easy to read/pronounce?
4. Use it in multiple sentences. Does it feel right?
5. Are quick associations positive? Does it have story appeal
6. Does it relate to the primary benefit(s) of the company/service?
7. Does it sound credible?
8. Does it have a verb or generic potential?
9. Is it memorable?
10. How nervous does it make you feel?
11. How well does it relate to your positioning or who you are?

The more distinctive, memorable and emotionally engaging, the better. But remember, a name alone means nothing to the customer or consumer. It’s the experience—created and delivered consistently over time—that adds value and builds equity.

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