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Why is packaging design important?

Packaging design isn’t just creating the container, graphics and visible outer presence of a product. It might also be the primary point of contact to engage with and persuade your customer.

Bold brand packaging design is vital for selling hot sauce or laptops, as you want to stand out on the shelf and in your customers’ minds.

The two main things your package has to do is get your product noticed and then immediately communicate what’s inside.

Your product packaging directly impacts the purchasing behaviour of your target market.

The psychology of consumer choice tells us that people evaluate the product, compare it with an alternative, and then develop a preference before buying.

What your packaging says will directly influence whether your product will be sold

What your packaging says will directly influence whether your product sells.

Where do I start with packaging design?

Packaging design

Where do you start when packaging your brand?

As with all marketing activities, you start with your business goals in mind.

• Who is your target market? What are their needs, wants, fears, goals, values?
•  What is your product?
• Where is your product being sold? What are the practical implications of this display, tactile influencers, what its competitors look like?
• How can your product stand out from the crowd?
• What will resonate with the target market when picked up?
• What can address the consumer’s emotional state at the point of decision making to ensure your product goes in the trolley and not back on the shelf?
• Are there any legal requirements you need to fulfil, such as nutrition information, stamps, barcodes or recycling logos?
• Is your business a member of the Australian Institute of Packaging or the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation that requires a specific process to follow in packaging design and packaging development?
• Finally, what other layers of packaging will you need and for what purpose? Products often have shelf packaging, an inner layer and an outer shipping layer that must be practical and represent the brand.

All these things are considered, and a recommendation for packaging is put forward, along with the design of the branded components for you to test first-hand.

Once the prototype is refined, we proceed with production according to your timing, budget and triple bottom line needs.

What is the best type of packaging design for my brand?

FMCG Packaging design

Great packaging stands out.

When it comes to choosing the right packaging approach for your product, it depends on your brand strategy. Whatever you want to communicate about your brand through your packaging, we incorporate these criteria into your design:
1. Practicality for the consumer and also for the distribution method.

2. Clear and simple messaging.
3. Honesty and authenticity are the most responsible and differentiating brand positions.
4. Your packaging must embody and extend your brand. Today’s consumers are looking for real; they want nature. They want to trust and emotionally connect to the products and brands they consume. 
5. Shelf impact. Consumers fight grocery store attention-deficit disorder with routine and speed. It would help if you got noticed, and your packaging needs to interrupt those shoppers who are on their way to buy the brand they buy week after week. 

What are the benefits of Packaging design?

Your packaging could become a long term reminder.
It’s important to marketers that customers receive their products in undamaged containers to experience the care and consideration companies put into planning the packaging they use to hold and ship products. Poorly packaged products can turn into customer service and public relations problems. Customers perceive products as inferior and lacking quality if they are not packaged appropriately.

Packaging design icecream

Great packaging creates an emotional connection that helps build a long-term relationship with the consumer.

Attract Customers
Customers are drawn to brands they identify with, leading to more time looking at products while making purchasing decisions. Research suggests at least a third of product decision-making is based on packaging, along with personal preferences. The visual presentation of your brand helps attract customers and persuade them to pick up your product, learn what it’s used for and determine if the product will add value to their lives. Packaging design is heavily dependent on the company’s target market. From colour to artwork to shape, everything is considered. Companies determine how to tailor it for their ideal consumers.

Provide Information
Businesses rely on product packaging to communicate information. Packaging provides ingredient information, instructions for use, features and benefits. Customer service information also appears on the packaging to give consumers a way to contact companies and provide feedback or ask questions. An open-loop of communication between companies and their consumers helps businesses decide how to market their products, which benefits to highlight, and when to make changes.

Reinforce your brand
Well-branded products can create an emotional connection that helps build a long-term relationship with the consumer. Branding elements can help consumers instantly recognize products on shelves, and in advertising, the branding that appears on product packaging plays a significant role in how a product is marketed.

Coco Packaging design FMCG

Investing in premium packaging will add value and make consumers more likely to share their experiences.

Get your product in the hands of your customers precisely as intended.
Product packaging ensures that products are safe when shipped to consumers and stores and when they sit on store shelves. Product packaging represents your brand and your promise to deliver a quality experience. Almost 40% of consumers would share photos of packaging on social media if the packaging were attractive or gift-like; this is an excellent opportunity for marketers.

We have decades of experience in building high-quality high-conversion experiences at the point of sale between your customer and your product that meets the needs of your business, brand, corporate memberships and community targets.

time to stand out on the shelf?

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