Why is Branded Merchandise important?

Brand merchandising is the act of incorporating a brand’s identity into products or services that customers use and team members and being an impactful and integral part of sponsorship and promotions.

Branded merchandise is a valuable way to help your target market remember you after you’ve had a positive interaction. It is like a business card that will be retained because it has a function.

A relevant piece of merchandise with your logo on it can remind people of your brand frequently over time.

Where do I start with Branded Merchandise?

Does your branded collateral deliver on your brands' and customers values. <a href="">John Deere</a> want their bran in the hands of future customers from a young age.

Does your branded collateral deliver on your brands’ and customers values? John Deere wants their brand in the hands of future customers from a young age.

As always, the best place to start is with a business goal and a strategic plan. We’d refer to your goals and marketing strategy and discuss the following:

1. Why do you think branded merchandise is the best vehicle to deliver on your business goals?

2. Who is the end-user?

3. How will they use it? How long will it last?

4. Which options fit your brand values, customer wants and budget?

5. What are you looking to gain in exchange for giving away this item?

6. How will you measure the success of the campaign?

7. What supporting materials will promote the campaign?

8. How can you enable your existing advocates to leverage the campaign to its total capacity?

When you go through this process and be honest with yourself, the correct merchandise to help you support your goals will become clear.

What is the best type of Branded Merchandise?

If you are a Wholefoods brand, having t-shirts with your logo on them that are cheaply manufactured and come from overseas where they don’t pay workers a fair wage is probably not going to send the right message to the market you’re looking to impress.

If you’re a Flooring company and you’re giving away logo emblazoned USB sticks, you’re probably a bit off-brand.

Person to person branding is important as the face of your organisation

Person to person branding is vital as the face of your organisation

The best type of merchandise fits in the triangle of your brand values, the customer wants and campaign goals.

As a rule, we’d recommend something functional, has long term appeal and communicates the shared values of you and your customers.

Extending your brand into practical things that exist anyway, such as customer service employee uniforms or notepads or reusable coffee containers, can present great opportunities for your brand to be noticed and create an impression.

Think of the planet.
Try to think sustainably about your future promotional products and ethical sourced; we work with our clients to create merchandise that brings their brand to life and animates their story while being good for the planet. We aim to view promotional products through the lens of sustainability. And that social and environmental lens can help make sure your staff, customers and partners end up with merchandise that reflects your values and moves your brand propose as a whole moving forward. We source products made from recycled, reusable, or upcycled materials to help. Organisations use merchandise all the time for gifts, uniforms, marketing campaigns and more, so why not leverage your promotional merchandise to help drive your brands’ environmental impact concerns? 

We approach products from a ‘strategic focus first, then finding merchandise to fit that strategy second’ philosophy. Once we understand your priorities, we work to create a brand activation of promotional merchandise assortment that helps meet and exceed your marketing and campaign objectives.

<span style="color: #194c8e;">We want Branded merchandise that is long lasting, durable and stay out of the landfill.</span>

We want Branded merchandise that is long-lasting, durable and stays out of the landfill.

Think about where it’s come from and where it’s going.
What’s the life cycle of your branded merchandise? Ethically sourcing merchandise first with a long term view into how long will it live and what happens when it eventually dies? We start with accurate information on recycled content, organic certifications and other relevant data. Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which workers are employed and implement the Workplace Code in their helpful facilities. Where possible, look at how we can focus on zero waste, carbon reduction, or other sustainable behaviours.

We work with the client to determine if there is a re-use/donation or charitable giving opportunity.

We work with the client to determine if there is a re-use/donation or charitable giving opportunity.

We want to make branded, long-lasting, durable merchandise that stays out of the landfill—made from easily recyclable or compostable materials following leading standards and Environmental Claims.

What are the benefits of Branded Merchandise?

Although there are a segment of people who just love free stuff, most potential customers do not want an item to clutter up their lives. So if you’re going to use branded merchandise to achieve a campaign goal, make it worth your spend by following the above process.

We can help plan and source promotional materials and branded merchandise, from football jerseys to branded key-rings and sustainable souvenirs, but we’ll ensure you make an objective decision that is not clouded by the joy of seeing your logo on ten thousand of your favourite knick knacks.

need brand merch that stands out and delivers massive R.O.I?

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