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Why is an internal launch strategy important?

Involving your team with your new branding is an excellent opportunity to bring to life shared values and leverage the effectiveness of a new era in your company.

Have you ever noticed that the world’s best brands don’t reposition every couple of years; they evolve, internal launch strategy gets you going on the right foot. Businesses develop as they learn more about their market and supply chain, like the people they serve. Values evolve, too. Rather than just being an efficient supplier of something, your brand might have pivoted to being about craftsmanship, sustainability, or becoming bespoke. 

Internal Launch Strategy

Realigning your brand starts from the outside out.

Recalibrating a brand can deliver significant strategic gains. By corralling the people who represent your brand, who are living and working in your business, you can access newfound enthusiasm, as well as an authentic rollout of your new brand or product launch. Be open, include employees, don’t be caught out ‘withholding’ information or keeping employees in the dark. Start by getting your team involved in the brand alignment process before you conclude a finished ready launch of the brand.

Where do I start with planning an internal launch strategy?

Taking the time to build internal advocacy with any brand pays long term dividends

Taking the time to build internal advocacy with any brand pays long term dividends.

We have decades of experience in launching brands, and we know that successful implementation hinges on internal advocacy. We establish a platform for open dialogue and regular checkpoints so that the entire brand team has visibility into the strategy, implementation and practical application. Here is our recommended top-line process.

• Identify key stakeholders

• Consult with them about the draft plan for the brand

• Discuss interactions across the various touch-points

• Talk about both the limits of and flexibility within the new brand

• Engage them with a practical exercise to develop knowledge and confidence

• Accept their feedback and improve the brand

• Give tools and resources

• Empower them as internal and external advocates

• Launch the brand

• Review & refine 30, 90 and 270 days after the launch

What is the best type of internal launch strategy?

Internal Launch Strategy

Engage internally before launching into the wider world

The best type of internal launch considers the perceptions and experiences of your internal staff, collaborates with them and empowers them to live the brand you have jointly created.

What are the benefits of planning an internal launch strategy?

People buy why you do things and what you believe. If your internal team isn’t on board, you can come across as being inauthentic or with a weak message.

If you engage in an internal launch, you will mobilise internal advocates to represent the shared beliefs of themselves, your brand and your customers, delivering you more effective and lasting wins.

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