Welcome to the new normal.

Everyone's plans in 2022 went officially sideways. The pandemic fundamentally changed how we all think, work and buy.
How has that affected your Brand, and what's ne

Every organisation is wondering how to stay relevant and connected with the communities they serve. There has never been a more important time to adopt a unique and authentic approach and we’ve developed several packages to help.

Help with your Brand during covid-19

Post Pandemic Brand advice

It can be hard to peak outside the bunker in times of crisis. An outside perspective can be just what’s needed to help to make the tough calls. We’re here to help.


  • Direct one-on-one sounding board with our experienced strategy team to sense-check solutions for post COVID-19 challenges
  • Confidence in decision making gained through a combined perspective
  • A strategic sounding board for solutions moving forward

Now. Via Zoom or in person. 1-2+ hours

Take a look at your brand after the covid-19 pandemic

Post Pandamic Brand audit

The World and the marketplace where your brand lives are in still a state of flux.  Let’s look at how you can raise your brand’s voice in the evolving landscape of the post-COVID-19 business environment and plan what’s next. 


  • A clear vision of how your core brand is currently perceived
  • Clarity around the effectiveness of your current identity and messaging
  • The implications for your brand in a post-COVID-19 world

Find out more about our Brand Audits here.

2-3 weeks+

realign your brand after covid-19

Post Pandemic Brand Realignment

The World is recalibrating, does your brand need to realign not just survive but to thrive? Differentiated branding and authentic positioning will be critical in the post-pandemic marketplace. 


  • Redefining your brand’s core in the new post COVID world
  • Deeper clarity to aid decision-making around the current crisis and beyond
  • Practicable new asset development to come out of COVID swinging

Find out more about our Brand Alignments here.

5-7 weeks+

Plan your way out of COVID-19

Post Pandemic Brand Activation

Have your brand plans shifted during the pandemic? We can help you realign for growth in the new marketplace.


  • A clear plan utilising assets and new raise brand awareness
  • Solutions for kickstarting or restarting your market position
  • Activity planning to drive awareness and differentiation of your brand

Find out more about our Brand Activation here.

2-3 weeks+