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Ditch the overwhelm.  Simplify what you are offering and let your customers choose what mix they need from your pricing strategy and you’ll get more conversions with your marketing spend.

We’re not saying to let your customers cherry-pick what they want. We’re just saying that they need options, so that they are involved in the buying process. Let them compare your offerings, rather than you against all of your competitors.

If we take a look at where most customers are coming from, it’s direct and organic search.

Hubspot Acquisition Sources Online Web Customer Experience 2018

Average Traffic Sources For Websites: Benchmarks From 15K HubSpot Customers


That means that across B2B and B2C the highest amount of traffic is sourced from:

  • offline advertising  (Outdoor, Print Advertising, Direct Mail, Events)
  • brand awareness (physical touchpoints, Experiential, Word-of-mouth advocacy)
  • organic search
  • online referrals

So, once they get to your website they are looking to assess your credibility and reliability and find a product or service that fits their needs.Customer pathway to purchase - Be You Not Them™


When you’re ready for your online visitors to take action and purchase your product, give them choice. Make it simple.


pricing strategy customer sales funnel simple conversion

We helped BaptistCare take a very complex service and make it simple to understand…


pricing strategy customer sales funnel simple choices

…and simple to adjust, giving customers real time visibility into how they were spending their home care package allowance.


Boosted by offline advertising, events and SEO, this has helped BaptistCare acquire and convert thousands of visitors in the past 3 years.

Great brands inspire people to change their behaviour, to purchase, to talk about, and to recommend like never before.

Developing a clearly defined pathway to purchase helps you to create both a content strategy that will encourage your visitors down the sales funnel to become customers. It can define a fair price for your services and also give you an ideal platform to extend your service offering. A targeted brand, content strategy and pricing strategy are a formidable mix.

Here are 10 ways that businesses can develop their own deeply effective brand identity.

If you’d like some help moving from a complicated excel spreadsheet for your pricing options to one aligned to your customer experience that maximises conversions, we’d love to help.

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