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We’re proud to announce that BaptistCare’s YouChoose has won both the best consumer-friendly product award and the overall winner award at the Information Technology in Aged Care (ITAC) industry awards. YouChoose from BaptistCare is a way to deliver a customer focused solution for the organisation’s Home Care customers. A user-friendly and accessible tool that puts BaptistCare’s customers firmly in charge of their care by offering them choice, clarity and control of the services they select.

Customers can completely customise their care package within minutes, services are divided into four key areas that focus on the individual’s well-being goals: Your Health, Your Home, Your Community, Your Independence.

YouChoose enables consumers to navigate their entry to consumer-directed care in what has traditionally a difficult, challenging and complex procedure that offered the client no clarity what was available at what cost. We optimised pricing strategy and simplified the pathway to purchase with a customer experience that was easy enough for the target market, elderly people in NSW and ACT and their families, to navigate.

BaptistCare’s CIO, Daniel Pettman, said he was thrilled with the accolade from ITAC. “These awards acknowledge that not only are we passionate about providing life-transforming care, but we are committed to developing innovative solutions that empower and support our customers”.

Visit the YouChoose website or watch our YouChoose stories.


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