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“The first bite is with the eyes” it’s one of our favourite sayings and with potential customers being more time poor than ever before, it’s paramount for brands today to capture the essence of their product with great photography. As the other saying goes “a picture says a thousand words” and nowhere is it more evident than in actual food photography itself. Visit any food court or supermarket aisle across Australia and witness how this is overlooked by many a business.

food photography

Many moons ago a junior brand manager was quizzing a creative director on the expense of the photography budget, and if it would actually make a difference to sales at his restaurants? His response was priceless “Have you ever seen an empty McDonald’s?”. Now you could argue that McDonald’s spend a lot more on advertising, branding and positioning than most. But at the critical juncture when a customer is making that decision browsing where or what to eat, great design backed up with lip-smacking photography often tips them over the edge on the path to purchase.

Nowadays everyone’s snapping their dinner and uploading to Instagram, everyone’s a food photography. But to achieve another level you gotta go above and beyond. But how? What goes into a professional food shoot? How does a pro food photographer make food look as good as it tastes? We spent the day with Andy Lewis close friend of the studio and food photographer extraordinaire.

Andy Lewis Shooting Chickens from up high

Andy was shooting a range of Spring into Summer recipes for Lilydale Freerange chickens.
Food Styling

Most people have no idea what happens at a photo shoot (apart from taking photos). Check out the video to get an idea of the ingredients that go into every shot.


As they say, the proofs in the pudding and these end results are awesome.



Check out the finished photos on the Andy’s website or get the recipes here.


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