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Whilst walking to the studio several months back I passed a bunch of workmen. They where chopping down one of the massive iconic Manly Norfolk island Pines, which line the seafront.

The poor fella had taken a direct lightening strike and sadly killed it.

Sadly it was going to be wood chipped so with the add of a Coles trolley, and a bribe of a round of soft drinks for the work men, I rescued a slice.
Our tree had seen plenty of action over the years so it seemed a shame to be wood chipping the old fella.

I had to wait a while for the Pine resin to dry out a bit, but on the plus side the studio has smelled like a new car all over summer.

A little bit of history while we wait.

According to an article in the Sydney Morning Herald dated 4 June 1935, Norfolk Island Pines were one of species recommended Mr Charles Moore, Director of the Botanic Gardens, who had been asked to investigate tree plantings by the Beautification Committee for Manly Council in about 1877. The other two species were Monterey Pines and Moreton Bay Figs. Credit for planting many of the pines was given to Mr E M Pitt and Mr. Charles Hayes. Mr Pitt stated ‘… I am also able to say that with Mr. Adam Russell, the overseer, many a week-end was spent planting trees in the suitable places. He also advised ‘preparing the places by filling the holes with village refuse was the masterstroke that made the pines prosper’.


As the greek proverb says “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”  So thanks Mr Moore.       

So this Winter nicely dried  out I set to work.

A bit of chiselling to level it out and remove some heavy chain saw marks.

Big thanks to Makita power tools for all the help.

Levelling out nicely.

I got some great fabricated legs from a awesome fabricator off Etsy in Turkey.

Just took a while to get them level.


Finally flat as a tack.

Now for some sanding.


Now for a few thousand coats of varnish and……

Ta da!

Thats a lot of varnish lol. Looking very shiny in the meeting corner of the studio.

I figured out our Norfolk Pine was planted back in 1910 and marked on a couple of dates World War One start and end.


World War Two

Man on the moon, of course my birthday and the millennium.

Siobhan being one of the first user of the log.

Isn’t making stuff fun?


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