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Yet again today another brand I’d started to buy into has let me down, by not delivering on a very simple defined brand promise. The brand in question makes “the very highest quality hand tools” combined with an “old fashioned level of service”. Anyway the tool in question broke and I’ve been dealing with an automated system for months to get any type of response or replacement (double fail).

Now this isn’t just a moan about this company but a great example of brands that aren’t aligned internally with what they are communicating externally and hence can’t deliver on what’s promised.

If you don’t have a simple way to think about a company, service or product, then you often stop thinking about it pretty quickly. Worse still if you thought you understood the brand then engaged with it only to feel like you’ve been let down by it. Brands need to keep it simple and align there business’s to become a “promise delivery system” if not it’s a clear recipe for diminished customer loyalty and sales?

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