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Do you what to transform your Brand with the power of Authenticity?

Follow these Four Steps to Be you not them.
1) Do You Know Who You Are? – Most businesses don’t and that’s why they are constantly trying to be what they think, potential consumers might want and it’s exhausting. Wouldn’t it be better if customers where attracted to you because you had an offering that no one else could? What can you offer that no one else can? You!
2) Opposites Attract – Paula Abdul was wrong! Well kind of, opposites might attract occasionally but we think it’s much more likely that people gravitate towards the ‘same’. Human’s always have, be it tribes, fan clubs or in fact any other relationship. There’s safety in numbers and the reassurance that your heartfelt beliefs are shared ones.
3) Step Into Your Customers Shoe’s – When you know who you are, you can tell that story proudly but before that you can step back a little and take a look from you’re customers point of view. Ask yourself, are you communicating ‘you’ as clearly as you could? Every touchpoint that individuals come into contact with you’re product or service, is an opportunity to express you?
4) Be You Not Them – Oscar Wilde wisely once said, “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”. Obvious genius and more applicable to brands today than ever before. With individuals being bombarded with messages constantly, they are looking for the familiar and that is the ‘same’. Individuals today are searching for brands that mirror their values, passions and beliefs and when they find those brands they LOVE them for life.
Being you is the key to authenticity in your brand, it’s an authentic and differentiating brand promise that only you can make. Becoming more authentic is never the easy option but if you’re willing to do the work you’re customers will love you for it.

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