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We’ve come to the conclusion that a large number of Australian brands are fronted by sales teams trained exclusively by Carol Beer. Yesterday a friend (lets call him Bob) went shopping for a new camera in “Australia’s biggest in-door, out-door mall”. The Camera in question wasn’t a cheap point and shoot number ether, and was actually cheaper on-line. It went something like this.

Bob: Hi do you have the Sony NEX-7?

Shop Owner: Yep. (Long embarrassing silence)

Bob: Can I have a look at it, please?

Shop Owner: (Silent) Taps the glass on a display case.

Bob: OK? But I actually could have a look at it?

Shop Owner: (Still silent, but now with a face-on! Disappears at a snails pace to the back of the shop, returns with keys and opens the case.)

Shop Owner: (Barely audible grut, forward by a jabbing/pointing action).

Bob: “Bye, I’ll have a look on Ebay!”

If your brand is selling a product or service (which is most of us) and you’re trying to compete on price alone. Put a little good old fashioned service back at the centre of your brand, as a point of difference or go one better and become a brand that engages, educates, and even entertains.

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