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Yet another Aussie “legend” Andrew Ettingshausen “ET”, has been caught with his pants down after a 12-month affair with the wife of a former teammate. But the former rugby league star, who has made a career post-football on having a squeaky-clean blokey image won’t not lose any of his lucrative TV deals (Escape with ET). Because Australian focus groups surveyed said they really couldn’t give a hoot.

Could be worse, you could be ‘Biomen’ a blokey Turkish Shampoo brand who picked the their brand ambassador for a couple of reasons:
1. He’s dead (excellent at least he can’t do any thing embarrassing from here on in).
2. He’s famous for impassioned speeches and had shiny hair…Excellent!


If you’re thinking of putting a face to your brand always match up brand values and personality, and thirdly make sure that they’re not reasonable for one of the darkest times in human history.

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