Why is Brand Signage important?

Signage is integral to your brand identity and among the most important elements of visual communication. It helps to enforce your brand’s statement about what your an organisation stands for, how it should be perceived, what it represents.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

When customers or clients visit your head office or visit a store or other location, they expect to know they are in the correct location and be able to find what they need quickly and easily. Signage introduces them to your brand when they first arrive and then directs them through the parking area. Once inside, more signage takes them around the facility until they find what they came for. Proper signage eliminates frustration from your customers and improves their experience in your facility.

Direct visitors to where they need to be in your brand’s tone of voice

Attractive signage supports your branding efforts and makes your company look professional. It can also support your marketing efforts at trade shows and in your storefront windows.

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Where do I begin with Branded Signage?

So you’ve got your new brand, and now you need to start to roll it out across various locations. As part of your branded Environment where do you start with signage? It can seem like a daunting task with multiple locations. Put simply you need to take an audit of what you have, what needs replacing, what needs to be fixed, repaired or removed to see where you currently sit.

Planning out where your customers will interact at various points in their journey helps you decide what type and where you need signage

Location signage or wayfinding projects can require significant auditing to be carried out prior to a project’s commencement.  A signage Audit takes place at the various sites that require new or replacement signage. Often with individual locations signage has been added over the years in an ad-hoc manner, even though they probably serve a purpose, an audit lets you evaluate the strength and weaknesses of signage within and around the location.

Visiting a location and taking photographs, notes & inspecting every corner of a site makes sure we don’t miss a thing, meaning that we can also see it from a first-time visitor perspective “with fresh eyes” to see where improvements can be made.

How do I get the best results when rolling out a branded signage program?

Once we have gathered everything we need to know for the site, we can start to prepare a signage proposal in line with your brand guidelines and budget.

We use our prototyping model throughout the design process, allowing us to scrutinise concepts as close to “near life” experience as possible. Concepts usually start as simple pencil drawings before moving This includes our in-house design options, a map of your site with a visual representation of our signage solutions, as well as a quote with the breakdown of all the signage options we feel will benefit your organisation long term.

Concepts for individual signage assets start as a simple pencil sketch before moving to a design concept

Design development is shared with stakeholders at various times allowing them to sense whether a concept will work in the real world. Problems are identified and solved early with this staged design development process.

Signage is visualised “in-situ” to speed up develop and avoid costly mistakes

This method helps to highlight the obstacles we might face during the signage development while building stakeholder buy-in. It also speeds up production as everyone involved is aware of the exact end results we are all aiming for.

Often the finished installation is hard to tell apart from the concept visual 

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What are the benefits of Brand Signage?

We both consciously and unconsciously try to figure out whether someone or something is authentic and trustworthy. When your signage matches the rest of your brand user experience, this creates immediate trust by helping your consumers understand what you do and more importantly why you do it.

Consistency builds trust in your brand

Professionalism & Respect
Respect and authority are important in both staff and customers. A person’s immediate environment is heavily linked to their behaviour and thoughts. A quality, personalised sign system in an organisation’s headquarters accomplishes this effectively.

Attention to Detail
There’s nothing better than an organisation that takes notice of all the finer details of their brand. This ties back into the idea of consistency and building the image you want in your customer’s mind.

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Own the experience of your brand
What do you want your brand to be known for? Signage and branded environment can elevate your brand into premium, organised, fun or where ?’ standard that we all know and value. Nothing quite says ‘We’re the best’ like a sleek, well-executed sign system at a corporate headquarters.

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