Why use a Brand Identity System?

Pull it all together with an holistic brand identity system

Your brand identity system is the bread that ties together your brand sandwich. This system uses your brand assets in a way laid out in your brand guidelines to form a complete holistic brand identity. It should be an expression and reflection of your brand’s culture, character, personality, and the products and services offered–inspiring trust with consumers, customers, employees and any other stakeholders. 

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How do I build a Branding Identity System?

Start with knowing exactly who you are. Begin with your brand strategy and then this can be developed in line with your brand attributes.

Using tools like our “attribute spectrum” help us form an agreement on what the brand assets are trying to say

From here we visual start to build your brand world and then can start to articulate versions of your identity.

Sydney brand identity Carnaby Hair brand development.

Carnaby Hair brand development for a service based socially responsible company.

What is the best type of Branding Identity System?

A great brand identity system should have enough leeway to not become boring and enough consistency to be immediately recognisable.

Keep your brand identity consistent but don’t let it limit you down the line

If your brand is based on your authentic brand essence and not plucked out of thin air or purely based on fashion, you can adapt to a changing world and still remain consistent.

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What are the benefits of a Branding Identity System?

Build value in your brand
When a brand’s identity is cohesive, it increases the brand’s perceived value. Consistency allows your brand to appear more professional and reliable. Then by implementing brand guidelines, you make it easier to maintain the quality and integrity of your brand’s image.

A cohesive brand’s identity supported with a brand tool kit and brand guidelines are so beneficial to a business. A well-defined brand identity that is supported by with consistently strong images and clear messages wil create a feeling of long term stability and recognition.

Advantage: Awareness
The more you work on your branding and identify the more awareness you create. For example, Apple is known worldwide for its product. A consumer can see it in a foreign county, with labelling in a foreign language and know it is an Apple product.  This is brand identity at its best.

Build consistency in the Marketplace
The more often a customer sees your brand in the marketplace, the more often he will consider it. Your brand identity must be kept consistent so the customer can predict what to expect from it and then develop familiarity, trust and loyalty of the brand. If you apply your brand willy nilly then don’t be surprised that you are perceived that way by your customers.

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