Why is Brand Activation Planning important?

Brand activations essentially refers to the process of making your brand known to people, increasing awareness and engagement through some kind of brand experience. If nobody knows who you are, then they can’t be aware of your brand when trying to choose a suitable match. Your brand effectively doesn’t even exist, that is at least in your future customers minds. Your brand needs to be ‘activated’ before it can be of any use to anybody.

It’s time to take your brands to new heights

Brand activation allows brands to create the experiences to win the right audience, bring traffic in-store or online and introduce themselves to the minds of a future audience.

Look at brands like NespressoSuper Cheap Auto or Ikea and how they bring there unique offering to life be that in-store or other communication. This doesn’t just apply to established brands but also new brands. If a business wants to rebrand itself it can’t just make a few changes and hope people notice. It needs to go through the process of switching people’s minds over to the new brand and making them aware of it.

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Where do I start with Planning a Brand Activation?

Every time you step into a store to buy something, you immediately encounter thousands of brands competing for your attention.

A great brand activation brings a coveted audience in-store, makes new merchandise accessible, and delivers an experience that’s memorable, shareable, and difficult to replicate.

A great brand-activation should centre on something that ties into the brand itself to creates a memorable experience for customers. The best ideas sit at the intersection of what your customers enjoy and your unique rand promise.

Letting customers behind the curtain of your brand to reveal an unknown or hidden backstory behind your brand through unique features of your store, service or product.

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Make your brand stand out from the crowd with an activation tied to your brands values

When planning a brand activation start with this checklist.

• Be clear about your brand values and what you want to communicate. To achieve precisely this we plan out activations with our clients  to perfectly capture the essence of their brand and bring it to life in the most cost effective, creative way possible .

• Define your market and your exact target audience that you want to talk too. This will also help define the space and format of your brand activation.

• Pay attention to the small stuff. Bringing together a variety of disciplines to give life to an activation can mean oosing sight of the the bigger picture and your message can ealy get lost in the process. Creative direction and brand management will play a critical role in steering the ship towards the destination

• Good planning and production. A good technical team and production experts help guarantee each job is taken care of. Peoproduction panning brand activataions means the only  limits are our imagination.

• Consider new technologies. Creating emotions and bringing them to life through applications or other technologies should be taken into account. What turns these types of activations into brand experiences is packing them full of design, visual character, technology, and staging.

• Never loose sight of the end goal. Done well, a brand activation will help you stand out in the minds of your future clients. Building awareness, entertaining, and staying in the memories of the consumers after they leave thats the end goal, never loose sight of that.

• Ask yourself three questions. How does our target get involved? Does it entertain, engage and educate? And why should they come back to you? If you can’t answer these questions then you might be wasting your budget.

What is the best type of Brand Activation?

A great brand activation should be designed to boost brand uptake when you link it directly to a new release or featured item of your product or service.
Build long-term support for your brand through the activation by connecting with your customers on a deeper level than you would be able to in a traditional setting

A great brand activation should invoke an emotional response with your target audience to ensure that people walk away having felt something.

Make it memorable by invoking emotion in your target audience

Shake people from their everyday lifestyle in an original way so that they form a lasting connection with your brand. Use data to get the most out of your activity, when paired with observational data, sales data can help you to see the direct impact your activation has on consumers’ purchasing habits. Enact your brand in a setting that makes sense for the product you’re trying to promote.

A great brand activation should leverage different types of media to reach unique audiences and tell your story from a variety of angles.

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What are the benefits of Brand Activation?

Even if your brand has been around for a while it doesn’t mean that it’s getting the attention it needs to keep growing and gaining new fans. Brand activations build this kind of additional support and the great news is brand activations can be done in an infinite number of ways depending on the type of feeling you’re trying to generate and the budget you have at hand.

With your brand activation the sky is the limit

Because a brand activation can take any form, from sampling on unicycles to augmented reality in-store.As long as it’s on-brand and helping you to spread message of your brand in a unique way, the potential for growth is limitless.

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