What do you do when you are pulling all the levers in a marketing sense but you are just not operating at full capacity?

Maybe you are producing an SEO-optimized blog, doing regular eDMs, supporting a healthy social media audience, advertising online and perhaps in print. You just want to lift those numbers a little more and reduce your CPA but your effort input doesn’t match the lift you want.

It always goes back to targeting, data and creativity.

A report released this week by Deloitte Access Economics, The future of work: Occupational and educational marketing in Australia identifies three major factors that will boost demand for marketing professionals.

  1. the growth of digital marketing
  2. the integration of marketing with other business functions
  3. and the perennial demand for human creativity.

To keep pace with this job market evolution, marketers need sharp skills in areas such as data analytics, which is increasingly used to monitor the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns, and they need to be savvy across all business functions so they have end-to-end knowledge and vocabulary of how consumers interact with their service offering.

This business & consumer literacy helps marketers best champion internal processes to match the customer decision-making pathway and help match the most suitable offerings to their needs.

The first step in doing so is understanding your target market, building user personas and then mapping out the customer experience.

Be you not them™, Customer path to purchase

The second step is to orient the business so the choices made by your different user segments are a natural fit for them. That means if you’re a vitamin company, you firmly address why people would buy from you. They aren’t necessarily people just looking for fish oil or vitamin C, as would match your production process, they are professional athletes looking for a suite of physical performance boosters, or they are tired executives looking for a quick pick-me-up that will help them achieve their aptitude goals.

To be additionally effective you must dig deeper into their values. Some of these people will want all-naturally derived eco-friendly options and others won’t. People buy what you believe, not what you sell. Customer service is now about recognizing that needs and wants of every client are as unique as them, and they need to purchase from a company whose values resonate with their own.

Every client is unique. Dig deeper into their values and beliefs. Be you not them™

We did this with BaptistCare through the YouChoose app, helping profiles such as gardening enthusiasts or foodies, to customise a package that matched their values. The key message was ‘Care as individual as you’ and we gave them choices that resonated with their needs.

Be you not them™, Putting the Customer at the centre of choice, customer control, customer UX

You could do this with your customer base. Identify key user segments and spend time fleshing out their ecosystem to truly understand their goals and decision-making process.

Be you not them™, Customer ecosystem

Help them identify their goals.



What would the goals of your customers be?

What would be the goals of your customers?

Then offer packages that are relevant to the things that are important to them, and allow them to customize.

Allow your customers to easily match their demands with your solution by giving them full control. It will save them trying to re-quote later or dropping off further in the sales pipeline.


Be you not them™, BaptistCare YouChoose Toggle to choose

Further extend the ecosystem around your target market. Consider what occupies their mind, influences their behaviour, their attitude, their challenges, their opportunities and other lifestyle preferences.

Then you will have a clear picture of who you are talking to and what you can say that will resonate and influence their decision making process.

Be you not them™, Customer Profiling Meet Agnes BaptistCare

Be you not them™, Goal Post Alignment, start with WHY

If you identify the customers’ goals and understand the ecosystem of your target market, then at key intervals on the path-to-purchase you can develop creative that matches their decision-making process and then you will be on target to get through those goal posts.

Then the numbers you are analyzing will start to lift.

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